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GL Optic Spectrolux

Spectrolux USB connectiviteitThe GL Optic Spectrolux is a simplified compact handheld spectral luxmeter, based on the Spectis 1.0 Touch. The meter has a laboratory Class B measuring head for superior accuracy and repeatability. Each device is individually calibrated and traceable to international reference standards.


GL Spectis 1.0 T Flicker, the latest innovation from GL Optic, integrates the accurate measurement of light flicker with all the measurement quantities of the GL Spectis 1.0 Touch. Flicker quantification is accomplished with a combination of photodiodes, high speed analog circuits, and high sample rate analog to digital (A/D) converters.

GL Spectis Flicker






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GL Optic

Spectrometry for light industry:- Lux, Lumen, CRI, CCT, COLOR and Luminance for measurements of LED's and conventional lighting. ...