A powerful optical camera system for an entry price

The GL OPTICAM 1.0 is an optical camera system with high performance for an entry price. It is equipped with a high resolution CMOS image sensor with V-Lambda correction filter to replicate the human response to brightness. In addition, the lens is optimized for precise luminance measurements.

Diffusing materials and secondary optics used for LED lighting products development help designers and engineers control the lighting performance. This means that LED based lamp and luminaire manufacturers need dependable luminance testing solutions that allow them to verify luminance uniformity when diffusing materials are used and assess the maximum luminance levels in order to avoid problems with glare.

All touch screen control panels, displays, backlit keyboards and signs need to be verified during the R&D and development stage to control product performance and consistency. With increasing applications of LED lighting products continues to expand, comes higher demands for onsite luminance measurements for the purpose of lighting audits of new and retrofit LED installations and maintenance control of the existing indoors and outdoors lighting installations.

With the GL OPTICAM, supported by the GL OPTICAM SOFT analytical software, various objects can be set and measured in no time. Easily connect this calibrated image luminance meter to a PC where the image is monitored, parameters are set and the luminance is measured by simply recording the image from the test.

Areas of application

Digital luminance camera system for LEDs, displays and components

When the lighting fixture or the electronic board uses different color LEDs, the GL Opticam can be combined with the GL Spectis to support the luminance, color test and evaluation. The GL Spectis 1.0 Touch from GL Optic is a reliable, accurate and intuitive to operate spectral instrument for the measurement of: Lux, Lumen, CRI, CCT, coies:lor, mWatt and more

The GL Spectis is the perfect additional solution for measurements in the following industries:

• panel display
• aviation
• automotive

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