Two professional light / spectral measuring instruments from GL Optic are described in detail below:

  • GL SPECTIS 4.0 UV-VIS-NIR and the

1. Spectral measurement – GL SPECTIS 4.0 UV-VIS-NIR

SPECTIS 4.0 600x600px-3_GL-Optic_PEO_electro-OpticsThe GL SPECTIS 4.0 UV-VIS-NIR is a spectral measurement solution for fast and accurate characterization of UV, VIS and NIR radiation sources, with a spectral range of 200-1050nm (UV, VIS to IR). The spectral measurement system is equipped with a high-quality CCD sensor that offers stability over longer exposure times. The measuring system is ideal for LED measurements, also in combination with the integrated GL Optic spheres and goniometer systems for advanced measurements (CIE 127: 2007 and CIE 025 / E: 2015). The GL Spectis 4.0 spectroradiometer is optimized for demanding tests and measurements with comparable accuracy as to more expensive metrological measuring systems. The built-in stray light suppression system and automatic temperature compensation help to achieve accurate results.SPECTIS 4.0 600x600px-4_GL-Optic_PEO_electro-Optics

Meet industry standards

Its high accuracy and resolution make it an ideal instrument for measurements that meet (IES) LM-79-08 and other international standards. With a wide wavelength range of 200 to 1050 nm, the Spectis 4.0 spectroradiometer also enables measurements, such as the photobiological safety standard (EN 62471) or measurement of SSL products (IESNA LM-79-08).


• compact size;
• USB data transfer;
• SMA fiber optic connection;
• photometric and radiometric calibration;
• variety of integrating spheres and detectors available;
• advanced included software;
• expandable with the Spectis 5.0 Touch.

Areas of application

• Quality control of LED luminaires – homogeneity and wavelength
• UV-C light safety measurements of light sources – homogeneity and intensity

View the datasheet for all optical measurements and the extensive specifications.


Product page

2. Characterization of lighting – GL GONIO PHOTOMETER GLG A 50-1800

GL-GONIOPHOTOMETER-GLG-A-50-1800_z-tlemGL Optic introduces the new model type A goniophotometer for photometric characterization of lamps in x and y axis coordinates.

The GLG A 50-1800 Goniophotometer is designed for everyday applications in R&D sites and product conformity testing laboratories.


suitable for light distribution in x and y axis coordinates;
• meets the most demanding industry standards;
• user-friendly interface;
• highest accuracy;
• robust.

Areas of application:

• laboratories and research centers;
• automotive industry;
• industrial producers;
• medical LED lighting.

View the datasheet GL GONIO PHOTOMETER GLG A 50-1800 for the specifications

Product page

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