In order to make a contribution to the objectives of the European Energy Agreement, PEO has been using 110 solar panels at the Wijchen site since 2016.
So far, this investment has saved 31,132.82 kg CO emissions. This equals planting 104 new trees.

Generated solar energy 2016, 2017 and 2018

Generated per month
Totally generated per year

PEO has generated a total of 79.36 MWh with the solar panels over the past 3 years. In terms of sun, the best year was 2018. Last year, no less than 28 MWh was generated. The extremely hot July, which everyone will probably remember, provided 5.11 MWh.

In the future, we will continue with Corporate Social Responsibility. Sustainability is a value that is of paramount importance at PEO. The policy is aimed to run all PEO company cars electrically or hybrid.