PSD application in cranesIn this article you will learn one of the special and successful practical applications of the PSD (Position Sensing Detector); specifically in the transport sector.

Where costs, time and efficiency play a major role in keeping ahead of the competition, it is the transport sector. This sector benefits from quick and more efficient loading and unloading of containers in ports. The SiTeK PSDs are of great importance in optimizing the efficiency of container handling.

PSD application reduces hoisting cranes

PSD in crane

PSD implementation on a crane

This principle works on the basis of a sensor with a PSD for precise position detection, which is mounted on the trolley of the crane. This sensor detects the x and y position of a beacon on the hook (or hooks) on which the container is hanging. Thanks to the PSD the movement of the load is included in the sensor output signal. The ultra-fast response of the PSD makes it possible to immediately correct the swing via intelligent algorithms, which saves time significantly. Cranes with the PSD position detection system integrated can handle more containers than cranes without the position detection system integrated. This position detection system has already been used in the ports of Los Angeles, Singapore, Bremen and Durban and many more.

The practical solution to correct the swinging movement of cranes by means of the PSD position detection system is not new. Nevertheless, this position detection system is still not operational in every port worldwide.

The above practical example of the crane and container handling shows one of the endless implementation of PSDs in precision measuring systems or in entire infrastructures. Electro-optics professionals are still able to develop more PSD applications which further optimize contemporary challenges today and in the future.
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Why SiTeK PSDs?

In the crane application, the PSD is suitable because of:
• precision → highest resolution in the market;
• speed → ultra-fast response (> 1MHz!);
• sensitivity → high dynamic range (nW – MW).

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SiTeK also produces PDSs which specifically meet to your measurement application need.

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