Centronic is based in Croydon (near London) and has more then 30 years experience in development and manufacturing of sensor solutions for measuring or detection of photonic and ionising radiation. Centronic produces a comprehensive range of standard products that includes:

  • silicon photodiodes
  • Geiger-Müller tubes
  • radiation detectors
  • vision systems
  • instruments for UV light measurement

The company develops custom design solutions and specialised services to suit specific customer needs. It’s facilities embrace design, prototype and full-scale in-house manufacturing and testing which includes assembly under Class 100 clean-room conditions. The company is ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 quality approved and certified to stringent military and aerospace standards. Centronic is serving customers worldwide and strives to continuous innovation.

specialised in

Development and manufacturing of:

  • solid-state detectors IR, UV, visible, X-ray and ionising radiation
  • eye sensitive detectors
  • linear Arrays
  • standard and OEM designs that meet your demands



  • fully integrated manufacturing facilities
  • certified to stringent military and aerospace standards
  • more then 30 years experience

product categories silicon photodiodes


Spectral Response Graph - Centronic EO

Spectral Response Graph

General Purpose Silicon Sensors (series 5T) - Centronic EO

General purpose (series 5T)


General purpose (series 0)






Photometric and photopic


Blue and ultraviolet


Photodiodes with integrated amplifiers





Industry standard visible light detector Silicon Sensors Centronic

Industry standard visible light

Eye Response Silicon Sensors - Centronic

Eye response


High speed





UV Enhanced Detector (Series -7) - Centronic EO

UV enhanced detector