ON-TRAK Photonics Corporation was founded in 1991 and is now a leading manufacturer of measurement equipment based on position sensing detector (SiTek PSD) technology. ON-TRAK meets the increasing demand for high quality products for non-contact measurement of position, distance, motion and vibration.

specialised in

Developing and producing measurement systems and components for laser alignment based on PSD technology.

Ready-to-use Plug and Play measurement systems with a resolution 0.0001″:

  • laser alignment system, replaces conventional optical methods
  • rotating Laser Target, measures flatness, squareness and straightness at distances up to 100 feet
  • position sensing with silicium PSD, sub-micron resolution and with to 15kHz


  • PSD amplifiers
  • PSD modules


The measurement systems and components are used in industrial applications.


  • leading manufacturer of laser alignment measurement equipment
  • cooperating with SiTek, world leading manufacturer of PSDs