PEO support

PEO support

Our challenge is to ensure continuity in customer satisfaction. PEO support provides a total technical support package with innovative solutions.

PEO Support bundles all supporting activities to optimize the technical processes. A central point of contact for all technical issues. Efficient and goal oriented approach with years of experience and well-trained specialists in specific fields.

We gladly customize PEO support with you personally, to specify it to your situation.


  • Experienced and qualified staff
  • Modern and calibrated measuring instruments
  • Safety and radiation expertise
  • On-site or in our service center
  • Training facilities
  • Network of Specialists


After purchase and delivery of PEO equipment, support and assistance by our technical support plays an important role. This is done according to the warranty conditions or incidentally on demand.

The technical support includes the following aspects:

  • Commissioning
  • Instruction
  • Repair
  • (Preventive) maintenance
  • Calibration
  • Support via telephone


Discuss your wishes with PEO Support!