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Introduced in 2006, the A Series imaging photometers are recommended only for legacy installations. These imagers are based on scientific-grade CCD cameras and feature progressive scan Sony sensors. Each photometer can be configured with a wide assortment of zoom or fixed focal length lenses. Measurements are shuttered electronically and clocked at 20MHz for the most reliable readings. The thermoelectrically cooled A Series photometers benefit from improved sensitivity and stability. As with all Westboro Photonics photometers and colorimeters, the A Series comes with our Photometrica software – providing a versatile and productive platform to perform measurements and analysis for many applications.

A Series Photometers features

  • fast measurements
  • excellent sensitivity
  • low noise
  • reduced dark level drift
  • high image fidelity
  • high dynamic range
  • optional TE cooling
  • optional software development kit (SDK)

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