B2-HV pCVD Diamond Beam Loss Detector – Cividec

The B2-HV pCVD Diamond Beam Loss Detector has a high-voltage input for the supply of the bias voltage. The detector is read out from the low-voltage side. The high-voltage supply is low-pass filtered. Charging capacitors are implemented in order to compensate for the detector discharge. The charging capacitors have a capacity of 100 nF. The detector has a compact design with extra RF shielding and is completely RF tight. The detector can be operated in vacuum.
The pCVD Diamond Beam Loss Detector is used as beam loss detector at the LHC.


  • substrate material: pCVD diamond
  • substrate size: 10 mm x 10 mm x 500 μm
  • electrode size: 8 mm x 8 mm
  • electrode material: gold
  • detector capacitance: 8 pF
  • bias voltage: 500 V
  • bias voltage fi lter: 1 Hz
  • charging capacity: 100 nF
  • radiation hardness: 1 MGy


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