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The full range of photometers and colorimeters from Westboro Photonics leverage our sophisticated Photometrica software suite offering complete control of your system from photometric image acquisition to detailed analysis and reporting.

Included in the Photometrica software is a diverse and powerful set of tools for identifying, defining and refining areas of interest (AOIs) using spatial and data driven techniques. The resulting data from AOIs is tabulated in a fully configurable workspace, where complex calculations on measurement and regional statistics are easily realized.

Photometrica’s multi-layer architecture enables multiple measurements to be contained within the same project, allowing relationships between measurements to be quickly plotted or evaluated through computations. More complex derivative and comparative measurements can also be implemented by applying user defined formulae which involve existing measurements.

In combination with the built-in scripting capabilities, these software processes can become fully automated where a single click can perform a measurement, analyze the data and generate a pass/fail report, all within a few seconds. Optional highlight schemes allow classification beyond simple pass/fail designation, with open ended user-defined colorized states to visually identify each element of interest.

Photometrica Software features

  • automated character and symbol detection
  • user-defined mathematical analysis
  • multi-layer architecture
  • pass/fail and multi-state determination
  • embedded scripting capability
  • support for various coordinate spaces, including polar (θ, φ), rectangular angles (θH, θV) and linear dimensions (m, cm)
  • create, save and deploy template files
  • simultaneously graph data involving multiple measurements
  • 3D surface plot entire measurements or a specific region with selectable levels of detail
  • fully customizable reports in PDF or XLS format
  • CIE 1931 (XY) and 1976 (U’V’) chromaticity plots
  • optional software development kit (SDK)

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