Vates – Admesy

The Vates is the multi-talented member of the Admesy product family: It offers the reflective surface measurement capabilities of the Arges with 45/0 geometry, combined with 20, 45 and 60 degree gloss and colour measurement. Three stabilized light sources and four colour measurement sensors at fixed angles contribute to an easy to use, low maintenance, high end colour and gloss meter for applications in R&D and production settings that demand specular component excluded (SCE) and separate gloss measurements.

SCE colour measurements are carried out by illuminating surfaces and measuring from different angles. This allows true colour measurement excluding the influence of gloss. SCI measures colour by illuminating and measuring at various angles to measure both colour and gloss for total appearance measurement. Gloss is measured by illuminating a sample from a predefined angle and measuring the light reflected at the same but opposite angle.

Vates features

  • 45/0 degree colour measurement
  • 20, 45 and 60 degree gloss or colour measurements
  • innovative build-in stabilised light sources
  • high speed colour and gloss measurements at 4.000 samples/second
  • measure colour and luminance in various colour spaces: XYZ, CIELab, LCH, Luv
  • applicable for both contact and non-contact measurement


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