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The WP214 Imaging Spectral Colorimeter is the highest accuracy 2D colorimeter available on the market. The built-in spot spectroradiometer provides automatic photometric and colorimetric correction for the 2-D colorimeter. Optical design specifications have been optimized to provide improved tristimulus response over competing imaging colorimeters by ensuring that all light rays pass through the tristimulus filters at a nearly perpendicular angle – allowing the different areas of the imaged scene to be filtered equally and accurately. It also references an integrated spot spectroradiometer, which samples 5% of the field of view, to correct the chromaticity measurement from the imaging colorimeter.

The WP214 contains a high dynamic range, thermoelectric Peltier-cooled CCD imager with 0.5 MP resolution. An automated filter wheel contains nine positions for the four tristimulus and up to five optional filters. Automatic measurements of the dark field are acquired using the integrated mechanical shutter. An optional density filter wheel can attenuate the signal by up to 10,000x.

WP214 Imaging Spectral Colorimeter features

  • superior color accuracy
  • chromaticity, luminance, contrast and gamma modes
  • integrated spectrometer
  • high sensitivity
  • compact and portable
  • interchangeable lens options
  • viewing angle to +/- 80° when equipped with CONOMETER lens
  • optimized for production and development
  • optional software development kit (SDK)
  • two year warranty

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