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Featuring scientific-grade, thermoelectrically cooled interline CCD sensors, the 4 megapixel WP640 and 9 megapixel WP690 are optimized for low-light applications requiring the highest sensitivity. Using electronic image bracketing technology, the colorimeters can measure a dynamic range of over 100,000:1 within a scene.

Apart from increased resolution, the WP690 employs the very best sensor for imaging colorimetry on the market. The new Sony ICX-814 sensor has a lot of impressive capabilities, but maybe most importantly, it has very small pixels: 3.69 x 3.69 micron — one quarter the size of the pixels in the WP640 — resulting in a total sensor diagonal of just 15.97 mm versus 21 mm for the WP640. Everything else being equal, the smaller the sensor, the more uniform the tristimulus filtering will be over the entire sensor area. While some imaging colorimeters on the market offer more pixels, they also have much larger pixels, resulting in a diagonal size of 32 or even 42 mm! These large sensors produce tristimulus filtering discrepancy errors over the image when coupled with normal 35 mm camera lenses.

The 4 and 9 megapixel resolution imagers feature 16-bit A/D conversion and temperature regulation to 0.1 ° C, enabling precise and accurate measurements of even the finest details. Backlit keyboards, keypads, or automotive panel graphics and control elements can be quickly and reliably measured with sufficient resolution for even the smallest characters.

The lightweight, compact format allows the WP640 or WP690 to be easily integrated into most any measurement scenario. The accompanying Photometrica® software provides extensive analysis capabilities with automation and scripting tools embedded directly in the software. A selection of calibrated lens options is also available to accommodate a diverse suite of applications.

Regardless of the application, the WP640 and WP690 ensure quality and flexibility. Research and development groups will benefit from the advanced analysis capabilities while production environments will enjoy increased throughput over standard spot spectroradiometers.

WP640 / WP690 Imaging Colorimeter features

  • high speed, thermoelectrically cooled CCD imagers
  • high sensitivity
  • wide dynamic range
  • CIE matched color filters
  • flexible lens options
  • USB2 interface
  • compact and lightweight
  • powerful application software suites for flat panel display and graphics testing
  • optional software development kit (SDK)

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